Security is a key and common aspect of businesses and offices all across the world. With an ever increasing and looming threat of large and small scale attacks on key infrastructure present throughout the world, the significance of a proper manned security set up has never been higher. In such a scenario, for a company offering these services to businesses and residences, handling the different clients and their diverse needs can be extremely tricky and cumbersome at times. To do away with these business complications, and offer a satisfying experience to the client which keeping your business simple and cost effective, Groundjobs portal is a must have addition to your artillery.

Why is it a great time to be in the security industry?

There was never a higher thrust on the need for manned security in a country like India. With India taking up the path of rapid development, you can expect the number of vital installations in the country to rise exponentially, thus increasing the demands for security personnel and security agencies throughout the country. A case in point is that currently, India only has 17 ATM machines for every 100,000 citizens. This number is expected to rise rapidly in the coming years, thus translating into a huge surge in the demand for security personnel for such ATM machines and similar infrastructures.

A 24x7 dedicated security has now become a necessity rather than a luxury.

It registers all the client requests and allows you to set a notification for all the requests made by the clients, thus reducing the delay from your side in responding to the client request

It takes the distance and the client request into consideration and prepares a roster automatically based on that

In case of any alterations in the shift timings, an alert is raised for the administrator

Keeps an eye on the employees and marks their shift timings

Based on the job requests made by the employees, assigns them the respective jobs and shifts

What Groundjobs does for you

Calculates the exact number of shift hours for the purpose of wage calculation

Prepares automatic reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, or as and when needed by the administrator

All the reports are prepared in the excel and PDF formats, making them easy to use and handle

Allows easy tracking of the employee by tracking his current location during the shift hours

The mobile app lets you track the exact availability of your employees, enabling you to utilize the workforce more effectively. The mobile application can be easily downloaded on the Android and iOS platforms

If you are still not convinced about using Ground jobs, let us give you a handful of reasons why Ground jobs can be a great asset for your business.

Cloud data storage
With cloud storage available, you would never have to worry about losing your precious data. With the cloud storage facility, your data is always safe, secure and available for use.
Mobile application
We understand that it is not possible for you to be logged in on your laptop or desktop all day long for every small need. This is where our mobile application comes in handy and allows you to perform almost all the tasks from your mobile phone itself.
Winning over customer’s trust
In such a business, winning over the trust of the customer is everything. Within online tracking and an entirely automated process available at your disposal, the customers would know that yours is a company to trust and believe.
Cost savings
Irrespective of the business model, the aim of any business remains cost saving and increasing profits. This platform allows you to do just that. With almost all the functions becoming automated, there would be minimal chances of any error and much increased cost savings, putting more money in your pocket! Remember, cost savings means more profits!
Timely and accurate reports
More often than not, minor errors in reports lead to major diversions in profits and other related aspects. But with a feature of automated report generation available with Ground jobs, the probability of such an error is ZERO! Additionally, these reports are available in the friendly PDF and Excel formats, making them extremely easy to store, share and present.